Students registering for each term should consult with their academic advisors with regard to the specific courses and the total credit load they are planning to take. A student is properly registered when the advisor approves the course enrollment and when the comprehensive payment schedule has been met. After the academic schedule has been published, new students may register for the succeeding semester. Students are encouraged to contact the Registrar’s Office or Student Success Office about enrollment in classes when they visit campus.

Undergraduate Student Class Load

Students enrolled in 12 credit hours per semester are considered full-time students; students may enroll in up to 18 credit hours per semester with no overload charge. Students on probationary status may be limited to 12-14 hours. The average course provides three units of credit. Students carrying a course load of over 18 hours require the consent of the Vice President of Academic Affairs and will be assessed a charge of $375.00 for each credit hour in excess of 18 hours. Students with a GPA of 3.75 or above may take 3 additional hours without charge. The maximum overload is 21 hours.

Graduate Student Class Load

Graduate students enrolled in 9 credit hours per semester are considered full-time students.


A student may drop or add a class within the first week of classes for fall, spring and summer terms. Fall intersession has a 2 day drop/add period. Drop/Add forms require the signature of the academic advisor. For full-time undergraduate students who drop below twelve (12) hours, and half-time students who drop below six (6) hours, Financial Aid will be affected. Full full-time graduate students who drop below nine (9) hours, and half-time four (4) hours, Financial Aid will be affected.


A student may withdraw from classes until the date published in the Academic Calendar. Students who withdraw from the College are required to complete an extensive check-out process in order for student records to be properly documented. For further information, see "Withdrawal" under "Grading" in this Catalog.

Administrative Withdrawal

When notified by faculty or staff that a student has left or missed two consecutive weeks of all classes, the student may be administratively withdrawn. Grading in the class (W) will depend on the last date of attendance reported by faculty and follow the academic calendar. Readmission will be considered only for extenuating circumstances as approved by the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Registrar. In such cases where readmission is approved, a readmit fee of $350 will be charged. If a student drops below full-time status, financial aid may be adversely affected. Resident students dropping below full time status will be asked to move out of campus housing.

Online Students

Missouri Valley College online students will operate under the policies and procedures as outlined in the college catalog with the following additions and/or exceptions:

Online students are eligible for a restricted student identification card for use in receiving student discounts at area businesses, proctored tests, etc., for an additional fee of $5. This restricted student identification is not valid for on-campus activities and services.